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“I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want."

Andy Warhol
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The goal of Test 1 is to develop scientific, technological and experimental research programs for innovative products.

The core business of Test 1 is developed around the study of polyurethanes and their chemical treatment to obtain new properties that can be converted into innovative, tangible applications. The company’s top product is a flexible open cell polyurethane foam (commercial name PU-FF the acronym of Polyurethane Foam-Flex), specially treated to make it suitable for cleaning up hydrocarbon spills on water and land. The philosophy at Test 1 is to strive for excellence in each discovery. PU-FF is in fact one of the most practical, quick, and effective methods for absorbing hydrocarbons. The product’s outstanding absorption performance has encouraged the company to extend the product’s field of application to the industrial market, for tank cleaning and for dealing with emulsions, oily waste and condensate oils. In general, PU-FF can be used for any industrial process in which oil is involved.

In the field of useful discoveries for environmental clean-up operations, Test 1 also operates in the area of ultrasound cavitation, in partnership with other organisations and professionals in Europe and worldwide.



Test 1 works together with various public and private enterprises in the field of research, innovation, Oil & Energy and industrial production.


Test 1 has an administrative office at its Brescia headquarters and a research laboratory at the local unit in Castenedolo in Brescia which is equipped for the research, development and prototyping of innovative products.

The facility is also equipped with a pilot production system for the company’s flagship product, Polyurethane Foam Flex, sold under the trade name P.U.-F.F. Alternatively, production may be outsourced under commercial agreements already signed with polyurethane industry companies.

Invention & innovationcommercial development

As the economist J.A. Schumpeter stated in the early 20th Century, invention requires an act of entrepreneurship to become innovation, in order to make the transition from initial idea to actual commercial application. Innovation is therefore the application of an invention or discovery. Innovation is a necessary step in making an invention available to potential users, who are the potential market for the innovative product and the arbiters of its success


As part of its research projects, the company has created an absorbent compound for petroleum or any type of hydrocarbon. The compound basically consists of a flexible open-cell polyurethane foam with hydrophobic and oleophilic properties obtained through treatment with chemical reactants.